Lettre d’Alan García-Pérez à George W. Bush (31.08.2006).

mercredi 30 mars 2011.

Your Excellency,

As you know, significant traffickers of cocaine destined for the United States of America have recently been captured in Peru. Considering the grave danger generated in our societies by the consumption of this type of drug, we believe that the U.S. justice system has interest in these criminals being processed and punished for the dangers that their illicit activities cause in your country.

The criminal actions of the narcotraffickers constitute an attack against the international community and have devastating effects in those countries where the production and consumption of drugs is more widespread.

In this context, I wish to communicate that the Government of Peru intends to intensify international judicial cooperation in fighting illicit drug trafficking and in particular in ensuring that the criminals that operate internationally are duly processed and severely punished.

Given this and considering that the U.S. has the competency to try these crimes and that its judicial tradition - just as the Peruvian - guarantees a just application of the law and a respect for due process, my government is prepared to realize all the necessary efforts to properly and quickly channel formal extradition requests from the U.S. and expresses its political interest in evaluating and favorably attending to them in the spirit of bilateral cooperation on extraditions. My government’s efforts will be within the framework of its competencies and in conformance with the Bilateral Extradition Treaty between Peru and the U.S. signed on July 26, 2001 and with Peruvian legislation.

In this sense, my government estimates that the actions and joint cooperation that our countries realize against this scourge of humanity, will not only ensure that the delinquents will receive the appropriate punishment, but also that the U.S. judicial action will enable the break-up of the large Drug Cartels that operate in the U.S. and, by doing this, succeed in weakening their structural organizations at the international level.

Alan Garcia Perez President of the Republic of Peru

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